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Killing Laziness!

I am sitting here writing in the peace and quiet of my home, after spending the morning feeding a 2-year-old breakfast, begging him to let me workout without getting in the way, doing lesson activities, and  30 minutes pre-nap frustrations. I am done.  seriously. I would love to take a nap right now. But I am … Continue reading

Let’s do this…Again.

AGGGHHHH! Yes, I am screaming. I am so frustrated with myself. Have you even honestly planned to do something and yet it never gets done? Well that’s the way I feel about writing. I love it but there are all the excuses in the world for NOT doing it. Something always comes up that is more important … Continue reading


I was just reading a old USA Today’s lifeline biographies by Katherine Krohn. This story was about Oprah Winfrey and how she became a global media leader. Her story is a compelling one, one that many know or can relate too. In her childhood she was molested and then ran away from home. She had a … Continue reading

Feeling Lonely. (8-12-09) Part 1.

Here I sit. Alone. Back slightly slumped, but yet my head is held high, as my shadow runs across my keyboard. The light my computer screen displays is the only substance of brightness here.  My desk is clutter from days of procrastination, begging to be cleaned. A Peanut butter jar , salt, and sunflower seeds … Continue reading


Everyone human being has procrastinated at some point in their life. At some point everyone has done an over-night cram session for a test the next day, pulled an all -nighter writing a paper, or even went to class or work late because you were working on the  “finishing touches”. Ok, maybe you were a perfectionist who … Continue reading